DIY Apple Candles

DIY Apple Candle :: Ginger Moose Photography .jpg

It's that time of year again. Apples everywhere and in everything. With our neighbors trees full of ripe apples that are free for the picking, we're getting pretty creative about how to use the juicy reds. 

If you want to spruce up your table for a dinner party or dinner duo date with the hubby, here's a cute little fall inspired centerpiece that involves little work...which you know is the name of my game.

All you need for this DIY decoration are a few apples, tea light candles, and a knife.

First, take a tea light candle and put it on top of one of your apples and trace around it with a knife. This will show you where to cut. Then, cut out the circle and dig it out so that it is deep enough to put the tea light inside. Next, set (or shove, in my case), the candle into the opening. Perfecto! Now repeat with as many apples as you'd like.        

Light and enjoy some apple inspired ambiance!

DIY Apple Candle :: Ginger Moose Photography (1).jpg