Durango Family Photographer // Summer Family Photo Session

Despite being a photographer myself, I’m not always very good about scheduling regular family photos for my family. Go figure?! It’s something like the old saying, “The shoemakers children are never shod.”

I have to take notes from my dear friend Brittney. She is SO good about reaching out each year to schedule a session for her family. She plans adorable outfits, picks a new location each year, and then puts the photos up around her home. I LOVE it! She’s so intentional about capturing her kids as they grow ~ and then using the photographs as art around her home.

I think putting family photographs up around the house and in books that our kids look through is so important. It’s like reinforcing the story of our love for them in sweet little images all around them.

Have you ever looked back at an old photograph of yourself and seen how your Mom, grandma, or sibling is looking at you in the photo? Like they are in awe of you? Like you are a treasure?

I want my kids to remember the way I looked at them ~ like they were the most precious thing in the world to me. These photos retell the story of my love for them, again and again, to help them write a narrative of love, laughter, joy, and being a part of something where they belonged and mattered.

Let’s all take notes from my friend Brittney ~ and print out a little photo of someone we love or who loves us and put it up as a reminder that we have infinite value.

This year we caught some magical sunset light for Brittney’s family session … I love that soft dreamy summer light and those cream lace dresses on the girls!