Maternity & Newborn Session

Having kids totally changed my life. You are no longer responsible for just yourself and suddenly have another person who is totally and utterly dependent on you ~ which is the most exhilarating and terrifying thing in the world. 

My kids have changed me in ways I never imagined ~ and looking back over the last several years, I'm so grateful for the ways that they have. They have taught me to see the world through their eyes, forced me to become more selfless and generous, showed me how to slow down, revealed my shortcomings and the way I desperately need Jesus, demonstrated faith in ways only a child can, shown me how to give and receive unconditional love, and taught me how to live in the moment. It's more challenging than anything I've ever done, but also more rewarding than anything I've ever known. 

So when my friends Adam & Lexis told me they were pregnant and asked me to capture their maternity and newborn photos, I was so excited. Excited to capture this important milestone and transition in life ... a change that is so big that it goes much beyond photos. But I hope these pictures serve as a reminder to them of a beautiful season - a season of change, growth, dependence, exhaustion, delight, and beyond all else - a season where their hearts grew bigger than they could have ever imagined.