Grant + Kaylee // Durango Engagement Photographer

I absolutely LOVE this season!!! 

Why you may ask???

1) Warm weather! And sun! I love me some sunshine. 

2) Watermelon. Popsicles. Salads. But let's be honest, really, my favorite: ice cream. You don't need an excuse to eat ice cream every single day in the summer. It's like a right of passage. 

3) My sweet Ingrid is off school, so I get to take advantage of adventuring with her and Lucy every day. I've really been loving my extra time with them this summer...realizing they won't be little forever. 

4) It's finally time to dust off our tubes, put on our swimsuits, and apply a gallon of sunscreen (after all, we are gingers) and hit the river!!! AND, my sweet DJ wins husband of the year award, because he got me a stand up paddle board for my birthday!!! Yippeeee!!!! If you know me, you know I LOVE the water. So if you can't find me, or get a hold of me, you know where I'm at. :)

5) 'Tis the season for engagement sessions and weddings!!! Yes, indeed, summer is full of some sweet love stories! And how I love being out with my camera to capture them. What a gift. 

So grateful that I got the chance to meet this sweet, adorable couple. We had so much fun running around Grant's parent's property. They were such great sports! And it shows. Their laughter, fun-loving nature, and admiration for one another comes through in each photo. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next June! 

More to come from this sweet couple! But for now, a little sneak peek at their engagement session.