Mountain Portraits // Durango Photographer

Pecan Praline Funnel Cake: $6

Gas: $56

Scrap Cookies: $12

Burgers the size of our head: $28

A visit from dear college friends: Priceless

Durango Wedding Photographer

It was a week of laughs, gorgeous drives through the mountains, late night board games, early morning shifts with the babes, bike rides in the rain, and delicious food...lots of delicious food. There's just something so sweet about good friends. Something familiar. Comforting. Encouraging. It's like you're out running ... you're tired, hot, and want to give up ... and then all of a sudden you look next to you, and your friends show up with cold water, a fresh burst of energy, an upbeat song, and conversation to keep you going. 

That's exactly what this visit was like from our sweet college friends. They drove all the way from Orlando to adventure in the mountains of Colorado ... and their generosity and kindness left us feeling like our cup was overflowing. What kind of friends help you clean out your garage, buy you two new tires when your van tires go flat, and order you a new toaster because your $5 garage sale bargain keeps burning up all the toast? These kind of friends. 

It was such a joy to sneak up to the mountains one morning to capture some family portraits of these three together. I'm so glad we got to capture this sweet time in their family and hope these photos will remind them of their Colorado adventure for years to come. 

We love you guys ~ more than Ingrid loves M&M's, Lucy loves her blankie, I love Sangria, and DJ loves beating you at a game of King of Tokyo. You guys are the best. xoxo