Alex + Bree // Durango Wedding Photographer

What's the secret to a happy marriage? Ask these two. They've got it nailed.  


Maybe it's not always the sexiest side of marriage, but its the one that holds you together. Its laughing at each others jokes, being interested in each others hobbies, listening to each others concerns, being willing to be downright silly for the sake of each other, its a call in the middle of a hard day, a midnight ice cream run, a level of comfort and connection that gets you through the hardest of times.   

These two are just coming out of the gates in the marriage arena, but they're wise beyond their years when it comes to sacrificial love. What a joy it was to get to spend the day with these two. 

Bree & Alex ~ May your friendship be the sweetest gift that marriage has to offer. Cheers to your many adventures ahead! 

xo, Vanessa