To Cut or Not to Cut ...

The grass is always greener on the other side, and that couldn't be more true when it comes to my hair. I feel that I am constantly battling the length of my locks and trying to decide whether I want them short or long. Anyone out there that can relate???

The story goes something like this. It takes about 100 years to grow my hair out to a length that I actually want it to be, somewhere longer than my shoulders, but shorter than my mid back. And for 99 of those 100 years my hair looks awkward ... I mean all together silly. Like I haven't actually chosen a style, rather just let it become what it wants to. Which, if you have my hair, is not a good thing. Trust me. 

My husband, who is naturally sweet and seems to think I look good no matter what, suggests that I just let my hair air dry and not style it. Um, yeah, you're very sweet honey, but if I let my hair air dry I look like the female version of Thor. Without the muscles. Not exactly what I'm going for. 

Then for what feel like a few short days, I really like my long hair. I genuinely like it. I look forward to curling it. I pin new do's on Pinterest. And I keep things fresh. 

Then I wake up approximately 4.5 days later and it happens. I get the itch. I can't think about anything else. I want, more than anything in the world, to chop off my hair. I can't stand brushing it. I can't stand blow drying it. I can't stand styling it. 

I start looking back at pictures of myself with short hair and thinking, "Gosh, my hair was so much cuter then!" 


Well, my friends, I need your vote. Because I woke up this morning with the itch to cut, and I want to know your opinion. Keep it long? Or chop it off? 

What's your vote????

Here's some visual evidence to inform your vote. 

Not to cut .... 

Blog I Durango Wedding Photographer I Telluride Wedding Photographer

To cut ... 

Blog I Durango Wedding Photographer I Telluride Wedding Photographer

A few things I realized when looking through these pictures:

a) I need to go to the beach. ASAP. 

b) Ingrid's little chub is so darn cute. Can I go back in time just to squeeze her? 

c) I almost always wear my hair straight when it is short, and almost always wear it curly when it is long. I have ubber thick hair, so when it's short, it's pretty hard to achieve curly without it crossing over to the crazy, borderline scary look. On the other hand, when it is long, due to the thickness, straight seems to be weighty and pretty lifeless. Just a little more info to inform the vote ... 

Happy Thursday, friends!!!