A little over a year ago I was sitting on my patio. Life was in the midst of turmoil. DJ and I had decided that we were going to move to a new city, leave everything familiar, and start a church. Crazy? Um, yep, absolutely.  

In the midst of the craziness, DJ and I found out that we were pregnant with another baby. As happy as I was to be welcoming another little life into the world, I was scared speechless. In a season where I wanted everything to be comfortable and familiar, everything was about to be flipped upside down. 

This summer night, as I sat under the stars, I began to pray. For comfort, for peace, for some kind of a sign that it was all going to be okay. And as I cried out to God, he spoke. He started to speak to me that this little baby was a gift. That this baby was going to be a reminder of miracles, and joy, and life in an upcoming season that was going to be full of challenges. 

Now, a little over a year later, with my little Lucy love sleeping peacefully in the next room, I can say with confidence that God's words to me that night came true. In a season of so much change, where so much has been out of my control, Lucy has been a gift. A reminder to stop, enjoy the moment, and be thankful for the small things. 

Lucy love, I'm so thankful for you, dear one. I hope you always let your light shine bright.